SchwarzCHECK is similar to an airline pilot going through a checklist before flying an airplane.  Although that particular pilot may have flown thousands of times, he goes through his checklist to make sure nothing is overlooked.

At Schwarz we feel the same way.  Although we handle over $100 million of insurance premiums annually, and have thousands of clients, our checklist will remove all doubt in both our mind and that of our client that we have appropriately addressed every risk exposure.

Virtually every coverage available is shown on our checklist.  It shows every kind of protection available, highlights those you currently have, and identifies those that you need.  SchwarzCHECK guarantees that no coverage will be overlooked or missed when your policy is delivered.

No fewer than three Schwarz professionals will oversee this process.  Our standards are met when:

  1. the applications are presented to those carriers we've identified as most advantageous for a particular client;
  2. the quote is received but before it is presented to the client;
  3. the client accepts the contract and the policy is delivered.

Based on your request, we will provide this service, and present our findings, when we return to consult with you regarding the status of, and/or any important gaps in, your current program.