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Home Insurance

Homeowners insurance through Schwarz Insurance helps to protect your home and your possessions. Purchasing home insurance, means buying protection for your home — both inside and out.

Homeowners insurance can help protect against losses to your home. Buying a homeowners policy provides added security. Home insurance can also help protect you if you are legally liable for someone's injuries on your property.

Condo insurance

When you own a condominium, you are responsible for what's inside your condo. That's why having a personal condo insurance policy is important. It can also help protect you if you are legally liable for injuries that may be caused by you or your family member.

Renters insurance

Renters insurance helps to protect your belongings against fire, theft, water damage and other unforeseen circumstances — situations your apartment owner's policy doesn't cover.  It also provides you personal liability coverage.

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 Homeowners Insurance Types

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