Life Insurance & Annuities

Life Insurance

Life insurance is dedicated to predicting the unpredictable.  As life tends to creep up on us, we never know and cannot predict when something is going to happen.  At Schwarz, we can help you plan for the unpredictable in life and to secure your family's financial future.  Our SchwarzCHECK services will provide you with a policy to put your mind at ease.

Areas of Expertise

  • Term
  • Whole Life
  • Universal Life
  • Second to Die
  • Key Man Protection
  • Buy/Sell Funding

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We know that your money is very important to you and your future.  At Schwarz Insurance we can help you start an annuity with many different options customized to your lifestyle and future.  Our experts will help you choose an annuity, assist you in how to fund the annuity, explain how interest will be credited, and when the time is right, we will help you take payments from that annuity.

Patsy Baebler

Patsy Baebler

Life Carriers

Illinois Mutual Insurance     AIG     Banner Life      Genworth Financial     Avia Insurance     Prudential    

Annuity Carriers

AmerUS Life     Great American