SchwarzSERV sets a service schedule that guarantees each Schwarz client the professional attention and interaction they deserve.  SchwarzSERV provides our clients with the following services based on their needs:

  • Workers Compensation Claims Reviews on a pre-set schedule
  • Development and Implementation of a Safety Program
  • Implementation of an Employee Incentive Program
  • Employee Handbook
  • Safety Handbook
  • Review of OSHA guidelines and compliance
  • Online interactive OSHA log and reporting
  • Loss Runs generated on a periodic basis
  • Review of contracts, warranty materials
  • Unit stat and review
  • Experience Modification Forecast

SchwarzSERV will ultimately help to lower your business' insurance costs, which will directly affect your bottom line.

At Schwarz, we are well aware of the fact that your insurance premiums are a major part of your budget.  SchwarzSERV will help to lower your overall costs as well as help lower your worker's comp experience modification factor.  This makes your company more attractive to an increased number of insurance companies.

Take a look at what our comprehensive SchwarzSERV system can do for you - and why we represent the most compelling value in professional Business Insurance Services available anywhere.